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11 August
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>> ME <<


I am Sami...aka lemmingz_attack on the net. I love music...I pretty much live, eat, drink and sleep music and when I'm not doing that I'll be obsessing over films, hehe. I love all different kinds of music...as long as its good and inspiring. Mostly its alternative stuff like A Perfect Circle or the Pumpkins or Muse but occasionally you'll get me going on about Britney Spears or Outkast-I'm open to anything ^_^ I love to sing, I spend most of the day singing along to something...I used to write lyrics but its been a while since I've had that spark of inspiration. I actually sing in a band...its all a bit complicated though cos we don't actually exist, hehe ^_^ I have a beautiful bass guitar, who I have affectionately named Pleb...I don't actually know how to play it though...I also have two acoustics and can play all of about two songs, hehe. I would love to own an electric guitar though...preferably a Daisy Rocks guitar...because I'm quite ickle and it'd look cute :P I would love to sing in a real band too..anyone who needs a singer for their band-I'm sooo your lady, hehe. Ah yes, films...I love alsorts of films...everything from Dead Man to the Truman Show and from LOTR to Velvet Goldmine and beyond. Ooo, I love to draw...I spend most of my uni lectures doodling away and most of it is in the style of manga...I have a sketch pad with all my manga drawings-maybe one day I'll upload them all and show the world but I'm very shy about my work so its fairly unlikely. Perhaps I should say something about the kind of person I am...hmmm...I'm very shy...painfully some might say...but only around certain people-mostly guys I have a crush on :$. Other than that I'm actually very talkative and will start long conversations with random people like shop assistants and stuff. I think I'm quite a friendly person [ask my friends perhaps...?] and am usually intensely chipper-I'll even be quite tolerable on occasions where I'm feeling really down...I don't like to make other people feel bad y'see...I'll often ridicule myself in order to cheer others up...I hate people who take themselves too seriously cos I believe that life'd be a lot easier if people would only just laugh at themselves once in a while. Usually I act like a total girly-girl but underneath all of that dippy, silliness I'm actually quite a deep and thoughtful person...I can be serious when the situation requires it...hmm, I dunno what else I can say..er...if you want to know more about me may I suggest you read the journo :P

>> INFO & ...Of the moments [11/01/05] <<

NAME; credit: BlinkieFactory aka credit: BlinkieFactory>>
NICKNAME; credit: BlinkieFactory>>
BIRTHDAY;11th August 1985>>
EYES;Honey-chocolate brown>>
HEIGHT;Barely 5'3">>
FOOD;Potatoes and Cheese make the world go round>>
MOVIES I HAVE TO WATCH;The Libertine/Vanity Fair>>
TV SHOW;Gravitation>>
MUSIC;Travis-The Man Who>>
SONG;Gwen Stefani-what you waiting for>>
BOOK;Sherrilyn Kenyon-Fantasy Lover...I blame Yasha for this>>
PHRASE;"Come with!">>
HATES;Stupid Boys>>


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